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        Hubei Hengxin Chemical Co., Ltd.
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        HD-2 Drawing lubricant for galvanized steel wire

        Product Introduction

        Chemical name:HD-2 Drawing lubricant for galvanized steel wire

        Physical Properties

        Item Index
        Appearance of the stock solution (15°C-35°C) Yellowish brown uniform liquid
        Solid content, % ≥26.0
        pH (5% diluent) 9.0-10.0
        PB (5% diluent), kg ≥60
        Defoaming performance (5% diluent), ml ≤2



        HD-2 drawing lubricant for galvanized steel wire is mainly used for wet drawing of various brass plating steel wires, with little loss of zinc-coating.

        Packaging and Storage

        It is packed in iron drums and the net weight is 200 kg/drum (or as required by the client). It should be seal-stored in ventilated and dry warehouse at 0-40°C, to prevent from being exposed to the sun and rain. The stable period for storage is one year.


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