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        SW-1 Drawing lubricant for silicon wafer sawing wire

        Product Introduction

        Chemical name:SW-1 drawing lubricant for silicon wafer sawing wire

        Physical Properties

        Item Index
        Appearance of the stock solution (15°C-35°C) Opaque isabelline emulsion
        Solid content, % 30-35
        pH (8% diluent) 8.0-9.0
        Density, g/cm3 0.9-1.1
        Corrosion test (8% diluent)
        (Totally immersed 45# steel and brass for 24h at 55°C?)



        SW-1 drawing lubricant for silicon wafer sawing wire is a water basis wire drawing lubricant specially developed for high speed wet drawing of silicon wafer sawing wire, which meets the production requirements for various specifications of sawing wires and is an ideal high speed wet drawing lubricant for brass plating high strength wire.

        Packaging and Storage

        It is packed in iron drums and the net weight is 200 kg/drum (or as required by the client). It should be seal-stored in ventilated and dry warehouse at 0-40°C to prevent from being exposed to the sun and rain. The stable period for storage is one year.


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