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        Hubei Hengxin Chemical Co., Ltd.
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        Diphenyl-methyl-ethoxy-silane (DPMES)

        Product Introduction

        Chemical name:diphenyl-methyl-ethoxy-silane (“DPMEOS?for short)

        CAS No.:1825-59-8

        Molecular formula:C15H18OSi

        Molecular weight:242.3883

        Structural formula:Diphenyl-methyl-ethoxy-silane (DPMES)

        Physical Properties

        Item Index
        Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
        Purity, % ≥99.0
        Boiling point, °C/(760mmHg) 281
        Density, g/cm3 1.018
        Refractive index 25°C 1.544
        Solubility Dissolved in organic solvent but not water
        Flash point, °C 121.3



        It is used for synthesis of common organosilicon polymer and for preparation of specific organosilicon compounds, and can also be used as various surface treating agent, coupling agent and cross-linking agent.

        Packaging and Storage

        It is packed in iron drums and its net weight is 200 kg/drum (or as required by the client). It should be stored in dry, cool, ventilated, fire prevention, ex-proof warehouse to prevent the sunlight from direct radiation. The stable period for storage is one year.


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