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        Hubei Hengxin Chemical Co., Ltd.
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        Main Products
          Polyolefin External Electron Donor  
          Phenyl Alkoxy Silane  
          Phenyl Silanol  
          Steel Wire Drawing Lubricant  
          Metal Cutting Fluid  
          Metallocene Complexes  
            Wuhan Engineering University  
            Hubei chemical research & design institute  
            Hubei Chemical Information  

        About Us  

        Hubei Hengxin Chemical Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company? is an enterprise under Hubei Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry. It is an important base of industrial development of Wuhan Institute of Technology and also a new high-tech enterprise of Hubei Province. The Company was founded in 2006, located in Gedian National Economic & Technological Development Zone of Ezhou City, with an area of 33,300 m2. It focuses on the researches on new silicone materials, lubricating materials and polyolefin chemicals. Its main products include polyolefin external electron donor, phenyl alkoxy silane, wet-type steel wire drawing lubricant, metallocene complexes, etc.


        The Company relies on Wuhan Institute of Technology and Hubei Research and Design Institute of Chemical Industry. It owns various kinds of laboratories with an area of over 1,000 m2, perfect laboratory and pilot scale test and study equipment as well as instruments for test and analysis. It successively undertook several provincial and ministerial-level key research programs, obtained 9 scientific achievements of provincial and ministerial-level, was awarded 6 provincial scientific and technological prizes, attained 1 provincial technological invention award and 8 patents for invention, and 5 products were given title of National Key & New Products.


        The Company has been certified to comply with ISO9001 quality management system, 14000 environmental management system and 18001 OHSMS. The Company is willing to provide domestic and overseas clients of all walks of life with excellent products and earnest services by adhering to the concept of “scientific and technological innovation, and win-win cooperation?


        Our culture

        1 Spirit: Be enterprise, united, practical and creative

        2 Value: Quality first, cost is root, service is soul, efficiency is supreme

        3 Morality : honest business, for staffs and partners

        4 Quality policy: innovative technology, quality and honesty, satisfied customer, keeping improvement


        Copyright(C)2007,Hubei Hengxin Chemical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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